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About Microblading

Microblading is a semi-tattoo procedure done on your brows that lasts up to 3 years. It is a popular service to create fuller, even brows. There are four types of microblading services that we offer at Sarah's Nails: microblading, powderbrows, microshading and nanobrows.

Microblading is a procedure using a hand held tool or PMU machine to create the natural hair like strokes to the brows to provide the fullness, and symmetry of brows you are looking for. I would recommend this technique to clients who have a relatively good volume of brows, but are looking to readjust the shape. 

Powderbrows is a procedure using a PMU machine to create a soft pixlated brows to give you a makeup look. YES! You heard it right, this technique is used to help you SAVE TIME of rigorous hours seating in front of the mirror and perfecting that shape that you are looking for. Best of all, it hurts less during procedures AND it lasts a long time, less likely to fade significantly like microblading.

Microshading is a procedure that combines both of these brows together. This technique is recommended to anyone who have sparsed brow hair. This will allow me to add naturally drawn front and a bit of coloring at the tail end, to mimic a natural looking brows.

Nanobrows is a procedure much like microshading that combine both the strokes and colors together but using ONLY the PMU machines. This technique is current AND very popular because it reduces pain significantly!

OUR PMU Artist

Angela has over 15+ years of experience in esthetics and 3+ years in PMU experience. She is THE person to look for to master brow shaping. From the time you have your brows done by her to your healed results, she will communicate with you thoroughly. She will take her time measuring and assessing every inch of your face to create that special brows you are looking for. She is crafted in phi-brows techniques of symmetry, which calculates the length of the forehead, cheeks, and lip line to create the perfect size and shape of your brows. She will literally measure every inch of your face with a ruler just to provide you with the even brows. She means business. Talk to her, and she is ready to provide you with the honest answers.

  • Little to no brow hair

  • Uneven or unsymmetrical eyebrows

  • Uneven brows due to muscle movement

  • Very light or thin hair

  • Sparsed hair

  • Trouble drawing even brows with make up

  • Want to save time in the morning

  • Do not want brows to come off, especially after swimming

  • Wake up looking beautiful everyday

Ideal Candidate

  • Pregnant, breastfeeding

  • on bloodthinner
  • insulin diabetic,
  • prone to keloid scarring
  • Receiving chemotherapy or radiation


Clients Pre-care Instructions

  • No alcohol for 24 hrs (it thins the blood)

  • No botox, filler or chemical peels 4 weeks prior

  • No excessive amount of caffeine prior to your appointment 

  • Draw in your brows that you would like to have it microbladed, or bring a desired picture.

After Care

  • Cleanse the brows with a small amount of soap and water and apply after care 1 time right after the procedure. Then following, wait for the brows to heal on their own. In 4-5 days, apply a small amount of the after care on your brows to help your brows heal until scabs disappear. 

  • Do no pick scabs or flakes

  • No makeup directly on brow until healed 

  • No swimming

  • hot tubs

  • saunas

  • facials during healing time

  • No excessive sweating from workouts
  • Stay out of direct sun
  • No botox, filler, chemical peels for two weeks after
  • Avoid any makeup, even cream on the brows



(Natural hair stroke Look)

Initial Treatment $430

Annual Touch up (12-24 months) $200

(Never have to pay full price again!)

First Touch up within 3 months: $100

Powder Brows

(Natural or Make up look, lasts longer, less trauma on skin)

Initial treatment: $440

Annual Touch up (12-24months) $200

(Never have to pay full price again!)

First Touch up within 3 months: $100

Combo Brows

(combined with natural strokes with powder filling to provide more fuller look)

Initial treatment: $450

Annual Touch up (12-24 months) $200

(Never have to pay full price again!)

First Touch up within 3 months: $100

* hst not included



1. What is the procedures like?

The entire process takes about two hours to complete. (microblading work itself only takes around 45minutes). I like to take my time and patience in finding the perfect symmetry of your brows to make your brows look astounding.  I would first assess your entire face, using ruler and caliper to measure the length of your eyes, nose, facial shape and features. Once we agree upon the sketched brows, we choose the right colors for the eyes. Then, the numbing is applied. I like to reserve the time to leave the numbing cream prior to treatment so that the process is PAINLESS as possible. Most of my clients have rated 2 in the scale of 10 for pain during my procedure. Then, the microblading starts! Yes, numbing is added in between services so that you feel comfortable during your procedure.

2. What should I expect after the procedure?

Your brows will look 20% darker for five to seven days, depending on your skin condition, lifestyle and age. You will be provided with aftercare instructions AND aftercare care package that would lasts for the entire healing process to keep your brows at its upmost prime condition.  if you want to change the color of your brows (darker brows), thicken the brows or enhance the shape from your initial treatment, you will return 4-6 weeks later for a touch up. Good news, our touch up is INCLUDED in the service, because I want to see how your brows healed, and assist you along your brows journey. This procedure lasts for 3 years on your face, I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your brows procedure.

3. Is it painful?

It depends on the procedure. I can create a thinner strokes for microblading, but, clients do experience a bit more pain the scale of 1-10 being painful, most of my clients have said 4 in the first pass. But, after the first pass, most would say that they do not feel anything.

For powderbrows and nanbrows, in the scale of 1-10 being painful, most of my clients have reported it to be 2.

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