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Sarah Yu | The owner of Sarah's Nails

Sarah has worked in the nail industry for over 25 years. Working in the beauty industry for a long time, she discovered that there was little to no careful attention to nails and esthetics details other than servicing. This brought her to open her own salon,  in hope to bring the other details that were missing in beauty industry.


Her dream became reality in 2005. She was able to attribute qualities that were missing 25 years ago, which were honesty, genuine care and premium quality in beauty services, of which are the qualities she strongly believes in till today.


She continues to bring all of these wonderful qualities together by: constantly conducting research on how to provide the best service for her clients by listening to her clients, participating in nails and esthetics seminars and purchasing and experimenting with new products. She currently has more than 1000+ Colors, 100+ designs, 3D arts, chromes, colour lashes, new and improved esthetics products that are tested, and screened for its quality standard. 

She further provides her clients with education on how they can better take care of their nails and esthetics services at home so that they can maximize their services. 

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