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Complete Services and Prices

Manicured Nails

Artificial Nail Services

Bio Sculpture 

Seaweed Bio Gel 

UV Gel 

Solar Gel 

Acrylic Nails 

IBD Nails 

Dipping Nails

Ombre Nails


Natural Nails Treatments

Regular Manicure (no polish) $30       

    ~ with Polish $35

Shellac Manicure $40

Shellac French Manicure $45

Dip Manicure $50

File and Regular Polish $20

    ~ Shellac Polish $25

   ~ Removal + Shellac Polish $30


-price will be provided upon request-


Pedicure Treatments

Regular Pedicure (no polish) $35

~with Polish $40

Shellac Pedicure $46

Shellac French Pedicure $50

Add On 

Jelly Spa Pedicure Treatment for $10

Featured Jelly Spa Treatments:

Pineapple, Rose, Charcoal, Honey and Milk, Citrus Treatments exfoliate your skin and secure moisture to your skin 

Waxing and Tinting Services

Body Waxings

Full Leg $55

Half Leg $ 30, 32

Full Arm $35, 40 

Half Arm $25, 30 

Underarm $15, 20 

Chest $30 

Back $40 

Belly Line $12

Bikini -- upon request -- 

Eyebrow Wax

Facial Waxings

Our extensive experiences bring you with painless, quick waxing experience 


Brows $12

Upper Lip $10, 12 

Chin $10,15

Cheek $15 

Eye, Lip, Chin $32 

Full Face $40 

Lash Lift

Lash Lifting

Perfectly Enhanced Lash Lifting. Custom Tint for bottom and top lashes. 


Lash Extensions
Applying false lashes in a salon

Lash Extensions

Master level lash artist with 4+ years experience. Whether you are looking for something natural, light, and bold, we have just the lashes for you.

Full set

Classic  - $120 

Hybrid - $130

Volume- $150

~1.5 hours

Russian Volume/Wet Lash/Angel Set - $155 ~2hr 30mins

Mega Volume $170

- 2 hrs 30 mins


Classic/Hybrid/Volume $60

~1 hr 30mins

Russian Volume/Wet Lash/Angel Set $85

~1 hr 30mins

Mega Volume $90

~1 hr 30mins

* Must have at least 40% retentions to be considered a fill. We do not fill other people's work *

Female Model


Semi-Permanent Brows Treatment that lasts up to 3 years. Our microblading works include first touch up within 2 months. 


Natural Hyper-Realistic Hair Stroke 


Powder Brows

Bold Full Powder, Makeup look 


Microshading Brows


Touch up within 3 months: $150

Annual Touch up for returning clients (within 2 years) $200 

** In order to qualify for the price above, you must have had your initial last appointment with Sarah's Nails **



Bringing you the high quality European medical aesthetic line, Diego Dalla Palma to help you clean, strengthen and maintain the balance of your skin using science. 

Our facials are effective and shown results to treat range of your skin types 

Our certified esthetician will begin the process by assessing your skin type and will provide you with recommended skin treatments. 

Cleansing Facial - $65 


Signature Skin type Facial - $85

(60 mins)

(Oily, Dry, Basic Anti-Aging, Sensitive)

Anti-Aging Fill Lift Treatment - $130

(90 mins)

Back Massage


Enjoy our gentle yet firm massage to promote muscle relaxation and circulation of your body 

1/2 Hour $65 

1 Hour 85

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